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Historic Conferences

Faith to Engage Conference  Tuesday 9th April 2013. The final Faith To Engage Conference represent the best of Faith Engagement with the community though research, two examples for practical engagement and a discussion about new forms of collaborating.  The research ‘Faithfully Meeting Local Need’ was carried out by Faith to Engage project into how faith-based projects delivering community services are involved in cross-sector partnerships and examined their ability to influence policy development locally and regionally. The research involved five case studies across the regions. The author Dr Anthea Rose will be presenting the results with opportunity for questions and answers. It can be downloaded here. Hilary Willmer spoke about a local project,  raising questions about ‘Christians in Social Justice projects’. Philip Bee/Kathryn Fitzsimons also highlighted the Faithful Advice signposting project being piloted in three churches in Leeds. It was set up by Citizens Advice Bureau and the Methodist and Anglican Churches in West Yorkshire.

Christian Care in the Context of Health Reform on Saturday 10th November. The presentations can be downloaded here:

The Emerging Landscape in Health and Social Care - Angela Hamilton

Spirituality, wellbeing and personalisation - Prof Margaret Holloway

Regional Inequalities in Health and Healthcare - Dr Sue Proctor

Opportunies and Challenges for the Churches - Dr Richard Vautrey